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Hello World !!


Welcome to my new & fresh personal blog. As a software developer engineer, The first point of interaction with any language is with a "Hello World" program hence introducing you to my new born baby "Musebecodes".
My name is Eugene Musebe and I am very excited to share with you lots of new ideas ! The amount of ideas and knowledge whirling around in my head.


The main reason i decided to start a personal blog is to be able to keep myself accountable while sharing with other developers the little knowledge i acquire in my day to day interaction with code. The best way learn is by teaching others and thats what i purpose to accomplish.

I intend to post on 3 articles per month each highlighting my opinions and knowledge around different technology stacks, mostly javascript. Hopefully this will turn out to be a great reference point for different developers.

Feel free to reach out to me through the chat section,contact page or social media handles incase you have any comments or questions.

Proud and excited on this milestone. Musebe