Developer-Advocate-Cloudinary (Contract)


Technical Writer / Developer Advocate


  • Technical Writing (Content Creation) - Document different Mediajams use cases in a way that highlights the unique features and benefits for developers, making it easy for them to understand and adopt the technology.
  • Community Manager - Engage with developers in the MediaDevs discord and increase participation through active involvement in discussions, events, and meetups. Foster a positive and supportive environment for developers to collaborate and share their experiences.
  • Host bi-monthly MediaDevs Meetups - Organize virtual meetups that bring developers together to network, discuss relevant topics, and learn from experts in the field. These events will be well-planned, informative, and engaging, providing valuable insights and opportunities for attendees.
  • Organize and Speak at Jamstack-related events - Share your expertise and thought leadership on Jamstack-related topics, and drive discussions on the latest trends and advancements in the field. Attend and participate in relevant events to showcase MediaJams as a leading solution for developers.
  • Drive Discussions in Developer Communities - Lead discussions on media challenges and use cases in target developer communities, focusing on MediaJams content. This will help drive traffic to both MediaJams and MediaDevs and establish a strong presence in the developer ecosystem.
  • Strategize for Community Improvement - Continuously monitor and analyze the communitys needs and suggest improvements to make the community more engaging, informative, and helpful for developers. Communicate these needs and resources during weekly meetings, ensuring that the community continues to grow and evolve.


As a Developer Advocate at Cloudinary, I created technical content for Mediajams, managed the MediaDevs discord community, hosted meetups, and led discussions on media challenges in developer communities. I also monitored the community's needs, suggested improvements, and communicated them during weekly meetings to ensure growth and evolution.